About BrickFest

BrickFest is a convention for Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL). The focus is on having the fans bring their favorite creations, often referred to as MOCs (aka My Own Creations), to display and share with their fellow adult enthusiasts. We also have many workshops, presentations, special events and challenges scheduled throughout the weekend. This event celebrates the gathering of the fan community that has evolved as a result of the internet as well as exploring and developing the LEGO hobby. Almost every aspect of the hobby will be available to explore.

Many within the community really enjoy talking about and sharing their hobby not just with fellow AFOLs but also with others. On Sunday during the event, we will open our doors to the general public. We extend an invitation to the general public to come join us, take a look around and see some of the amazing things we have done with LEGO. Also on Sunday there will be a single day convention for LEGO fans 10 to 15 years old. For more detials see BricKids.com

BrickFest is a event driven by the fan community. Started in 2000, BrickFest has been held in the Washington, DC area and Portland, Oregon. Each year the event has grown in size and complexity. A BrickFest reunion is in the works follow us on facebook.