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Contests and Competitions

Robotic Easter Egg Hunt

The Challenge: Build a robot that will look for chocolate Easter eggs, and deposit them over the edges of the arena.

Each robot will be given 3 minutes to find Easter eggs. A score will be given to each robot after it completes its 3-minute run. Time permitting, each robot will then have a second chance. The higher of the two scores will count. The highest scoring robot will receive a prize! Check Lugnet for more all the details and official rules!

The Wacky Race

The Challenge: Build a Lego gravity powered vehicle that will travel down a ramp and then get its driver the farthest from the bottom of the ramp.

You heard right - this is a wacky race, and the driver (not necessarily the vehicle) needs to get farthest. Scoring is complex and involves how far the vehicle travels, too. But your vehicle doesn't have to be complex to have fun. Check the official rules for all the details and official rules!

Mindstorms NTX-only Sumo Competition

The Challenge: Using only the parts from Lego set number 8527, build a robot that will beat another robot in a sumo competition by pushing the other robot out of the ring first.

This should be fun, and is an easy way to get involved in Mindstorms competition. The official rules are posted on Lugnet.

LEGO BrickMaster Build-Off sponsored by The LEGO Group!

The Challenge: Help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Club by building your own interpretation of your favorite classic LEGO set. Feel free to take it where no one has gone before!!! The only catch is you must use 1000 pieces or less and show up to BrickFest 2007 with it already built.

The winner gets a $100 Lego set of their choice, and will be profiled in LEGO BrickMaster magazine. This is a great way to impress LEGO with your building skills! For the official rules, see Lugnet

BrickFest 2007 Creative Badge Contest

The Challenge: Build the coolest name badge for your 1x8 name brick(s)!

Yes, like every year before, we are having a creative badge decoration contest. Itís all in good fun and the prize is nothing to speak of, BUT it is a blast to have a bunch of cool and fun and sometimes functional badges to look at. So wear your decorated badge with pride! Make a statement! Tell others what theme you fancy! OR be a peacock and PICK UP ON CHICKS (yeah right)... Steve Barile is this year's judge, so maybe trains would be good...